Six Sigma Culture

Effective processes to deliver predictable results
Six Sigma is a scientific, data driven, structured and rigorous methodology to tackle chronic and repetitive problems of products and processes in an organisation to achieve sustainable and profitable growth. BEtS has mastered the process of building Six Sigma culture in organisations using their global hands-on experience in handling a variety of business aspects.

Why Six Sigma Culture?

Organisational culture is the collection of values, expectations, and practices that guide everyone to take appropriate decisions. A great organisational culture is key to develop the necessary behaviours to achieve business success.

Brand value of the organisation gets adversely affected due to presence of chronic and repetitive problems of products & processes. Many times, management develops a tendency to live with it due to inadequate competency to deal with them. Organisations that have a Six Sigma Culture, where everyone thinks & acts in Six Sigma way, can solve these chronic problems using data-based approach through scientific & analytical tools.

Advantages of the course

1Learn to build a robust process to deliver defect free output & predictable results
2Improve business processes and products as perceived by customer
3Reduce cost of poor quality
4Strengthen relationships with customers and other partners

Meet the programme facilitators

Umesh V. Baganikar & Manohar Shirode

Umesh V. Baganikar and Manohar Shirode conducts the course. Manohar has a Six Sigma Master Black Belt and has trained 200+ professionals. Umesh, As a Six Sigma Master Black Belt and chief coordinator, has built a Six Sigma culture in multinational organizations.

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