Aligning attitude to deliver performance excellence
Inspired, responsible, and competent professionals form the backbone of a successful organization. BEtS has identified an immense need of an effective tool that can bring harmony and develop the right attitude among people in an organization. Harmony is a course developed to tune attitudes of employees and transform them into great professionals.

Why harmony?

Thoughts, emotions, behaviour, and actions are all an outcome of attitude. To achieve sustainable profitable growth, finding people with the right attitude becomes very important – people who are inspired, responsible, and competent professionals.

Unfortunately, the industry has an intense scarcity of such professionals. The solution to this unresolved problem is to develop such professionals from available human resources. The Harmony course will help you develop these well rounded individuals for your organisation.

Advantages of the course

1Learn the basics of attitude development and noises
2Learn Mind training techniques to strengthen focus, concentration and to improve acceptance
3Define new priorities with an action-plan and evolve an inspiring vision and attitude
4Develop the courage to embrace challenges and hardships as a part of the process

Meet the programme facilitators

Shantanu Gune

This course is conducted by Shantanu Gune. He has competency in aligning the attitude of people to principles of excellence. In his 35+years of industrial experience, he has worked with more than 75 organizations and touched the lives of thousands of people.

Glimpses from the past sessions

Participant reviews

Mr. Akash Achwal

"The key takeaway for me was the concept of the formation of noises that adversely affect our attitude and how to control and curb them. I've seen changes in myself and my organisation has benefitted immensely from this course. I recommend it to everyone."

Mr. Deepak Patil

"Shantanu sir explained, with the help of principles, examples and practicals, how to change our attitude and thoughts with time, to achieve our maximum potential. I recommend this course to everyone, it will change you as it has changed me."

Mr. Vinay Achwal

"After struggling for six years with growth issues, we came across this course and it has not only solved our issues but has shown us a new way to look at our lives. I'm sure it'll do the same for anyone."

Mr. Shrinivas Kulkarni

"This highly interactive course taught me the difference between a performer and a non-performer, a trained mind and an untrained mind. It is a must-have course."

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