BEtS Wellness Way

The BEtS wellness way is a scientific, data-driven, structured & rigorous methodology that creates a robust foundation to attain a stage of sustainable, profitable growth.

Our step wise approach consists of 4 phases



In this process, expectations, opinions, and feelings of people are scientifically captured to explore the overall mental & professional health of the organization.



Data-driven analysis is done to understand the current realities of business enablers like leadership, employee engagement, business processes, financial health & organizational SWOT. Outcome of Probing & Diagnostics leads to design strategy for creating strong systems, efficient processes & committed people.



In this process, a structured strategy for strengthening the areas that surfaced out during the Probing and Diagnostic phases is developed and implemented.Priorities are set for short-term & long-term goals to build effective business processes to deliver predictable results.



Control mechanisms for various business processes is established and rigorously monitored through balanced scorecards. Setting Benchmarks for important business processes to develop a cutting edge. A healthy and harmonized professional work culture with a human touch is Institutionalized.

Client Speaks

Why the need of a consultant?

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How BEtS is unique?

There are indeed many business consultancies, our clients tell you why BEtS stands out and why it is unique!

Are your objectives getting fulfilled?

You've read everything, now listen to our clients about their experience with us and if their objectives were fulfilled.