Productivity Improvement

Optimising usage of resources
An organisation always aims for sustainable & profitable growth to create a brand and become a preferred source. There are many external circumstances like raw material cost and selling price which are not in control of the organisation. BEtS has come up with a unique model comprised of training, designing and implementation of scientifically proven techniques to improve productivity and ultimately enhance customer satisfaction.

Why Productivity Improvement

The success of an organisation depends on Quality, Cost and timely Delivery to the customer.

Timely delivery is a function of manufacturing which is influenced by wastage and obstacles in the production process. These hurdles are hidden under conventional practices and as a result, organisations face chronic problems. Some of these problems include underutilised or undefined plant capacities, bottlenecks in production, long production lines, wastages in manufacturing plan and an unsafe, unpleasant work environment.

These issues can be addressed and eliminated by scientific and proven techniques of productivity improvement which are included in the BEtS Productivity Improvement course.

Advantages of the course

1Increase awareness and involvement in productivity improvement techniques and their use in designing new manufacturing methods among participants
2Minimise or eliminate obstacles and wastages with the implementation of Kaizen and Small Group Improvement Activities
3Learn the scientific method of evaluating plant capacity using the 'MOST' technique
4Develop a culture of continual improvement to achieve sustainable and profitable growth

Meet the programme facilitators

Gajanan Modak & Manohar Shirode

Gajanan E. Modak conducts this course with Manohar Shirode. Gajanan is a certified MOST applicator. He has completed various productivity improvement projects that have saved a large quantum of cost strengthening the organisation's bottom line. Manohar has trained 200+ professionals. He has mentored and completed various projects to improve product & process quality.

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