Performance Management System

Building a meritocratic organisation
Performance Management is the act of engaging with an employee to review their ongoing workplace performance and development. Effective Performance Management (PMS) is essential to any kind of business, in all situations. A performance management system combines information gathering through monitoring goal completion, feedback and discussions.

Why Performance Management System?

CEOs, company directors and senior managers in a business resonate with the need and importance of effective performance management. It works as a dashboard to provide an early warning of potential problems and allowing the directors or managers to know when they must make adjustments to keep a business on track.

By analysing successes, strengths, learning from mistakes and examining potential for growth and development, businesses can develop talent, enhance individual performance and weed out problems. PMS is also a tool to communicate to employees that they have support, to offer training and development and to deliver reward and recognition.

Advantages of the course

1Get clarity about the objectives and goals of the organisation
2Learn to create employee development strategies
3Encourage employee reward and recognition to boost engagement and productivity
4Exchange feedback for better understanding and growth

Meet the programme facilitators

Umesh Baganikar

Umesh V. Baganikar, with 28+ years of professional experience, conducts the course. Umesh has diversified experience in leading & managing various business units in India & abroad. He has financially turned around weak business units.

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