Leadership Development

Nurturing the leader within.
Along with values and Vision, good leadership is the fundamental prerequisites to create the brand of the organisation. BEtS Leadership Development program is based on natural principles of excellence and professionalism and is designed to create great leaders out of employees.

Why Leadership Development?

It is the organisational leadership that determines the speed of growth, growth direction and primarily the brand of the organisations.  BEtS has identified the problem of scarcity of leadership in the Indian Industry.

The Leadership Development programme is designed to address these issues at the core. It is based on the natural principles of excellence and principles of professionalism.

Advantages of the course

1Create awareness of the right attitude among potential leader candidates
2Use task based approach to imbibe these leadership principles into candidate’s consciousness
3Experience effective responsibility delegation and two-way communication
4Create synergy in the organisation with effective leadership

Meet the programme facilitators

Shantanu Gune

This course is conducted by Shantanu Gune. He has competency in aligning the attitude of people to principles of excellence. In his 35+years of industrial experience, he has worked with more than 75 organizations and touched the lives of thousands of people.

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