Finance For All

Building a value based futuristic organisation
The basic instinct of any organisation is to survive and grow. One of the key parameters to achieve this continuous & sustainable growth is strong financial governance in the organisation. BEtS Finance for All is designed to create operational financial literacy among those executives who do not have any operational financial background.

Why Finance For All?

Financial awareness of decision-makers is vital for achieving sustainable growth. But it is rarely the case and hence results in the underperformance of organisations.

The financial health of an organisation is reported through financial scorecards like Balance Sheet, Profit & Loss statement and Cash Flow Statement.

It is not necessary for Owners, Directors, CEOs, Finance heads, Senior Management, Decision makers, critical employees to know how these statements are prepared. But these individuals must be aware of how to read these statements and then take inferences leading corrective actions at the operational level wherever necessary. This is where BEtS Finance for All course can help the organisation.

Advantages of the course

1Understand the need of financial framework for an organisation and how to build financial governance
2Get insightful understanding of organisation’s financial scorecards such as Balance Sheet, Profit & Loss Statement, and Cash Flow Statement
3Uncovers interlinkages between these three financial statements
4Learn how to explore these statements as tools to detect, rectify, and predict problems in the financial health of organisation

Meet the programme facilitators

Umesh Baganikar

Umesh V. Baganikar, with 28+ years of professional experience, conducts the course. Umesh has diversified experience in leading & managing various business units in India & abroad. He has financially turned around weak business units.

Participant reviews

Mr Ram Toro

"This beautiful training program has been an eye-opener for me. It has taught me to look beyond profits, the use and importance of a balance sheet. I strongly urge all new entrepreneurs to attend Finance for All."

Mr O P Pandey

"The heavy words of finance became so simple and easy to understand after this course, only because of the way Umesh sir explained it. I now understand the financial terms in detail."

Mr Ravi Lokhande

"I've learnt a lot from this course, from the Balance sheet to Working Capital. I recommend this course to everyone."

Mr Vishal Khanna

"After the completion of this course, I no more fear the financial terms I used to before. I recommend this course to everyone who wants their organisation to be in a profitable situation. You'll not look at the figures the same way after this."

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