Values and Vision

Value based futuristic organisation
Values & vision play an important role in setting high professional standards and creating a vibrant work culture within organisations. They are the fundamental prerequisites to create a brand of the organisation.

Why Values and Vision?

To achieve sustainable profitable growth, it is necessary that the critical mass of the organisation must relate to values and vision of the organisation. Values are the backbone of an organisation. They provide firm support & give steadfast direction in tough situations.

Vision is the basic purpose of the organisation and answers a very vital question, “Other than to make money, why are we in business?” It is the prime source of inspiration for everybody in the organisation.

Without values and vision, organisations are directionless.

Unfortunately, BEtS has realised that mainly in the SME sector, most of the organisations are ignoring this truth. We have discovered that the main reason for this is ignorance towards the process through which values & vision of the organisation are evolved.

Advantages of the course

1Evolve values and vision of the organisation through a customised and structured process
2Become empowered & result oriented as an organisation
3Improve the overall agility of the organisation
4Build a sense of direction and drive within all employees and leaders

Meet the programme facilitators

Shantanu Gune & Umesh V. Baganikar

Shantanu Gune along with Umesh V. Baganikar, conducts the course. Umesh has diversified experience in leading & managing various business units in India & abroad. Shantanu has competency in aligning the attitude of people to principles of excellence.

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