5s and Safety for All

Safe and organised work place
Morale of any organisation is directly proportional to safe work conditions & safe workplace. BEtS has developed a course 5S & Safety for All to create awareness, identify and eliminate unsafe acts and unsafe working conditions. Uniqueness of this course lies in its emphasis on behaviour-based safety rather than only knowledge and skill. BEtS provides training as well gives support for implementation of these concepts at workplace.

Why 5S and Safety for All?

In many organisations, safety is not a priority. Workplaces remain cluttered & unsafe, but people are unaware and casual about it. Most accidents are caused by unsafe acts and unsafe conditions. Occurrence of such unwanted events create an atmosphere of fear and uncertainty which hampers the overall efficiency.

Unsafe conditions may cause injuries, loss to property and even life. This may lead to loss of business and credibility of the organisation. Hence the role of top management, executives, middle managers and functional level employees in creating a ZERO injury environment is critical.

Advantages of the course

1Learn a systematic way to develop culture of creating safe workplace as per industry standards
2Emphasis on prioritising workplace safety
3Understand importance of safety audits in the organisation
4Develop a proactive approach & priority towards safety

Meet the programme facilitators

Gajanan Modak & Manohar Shirode

Manohar Shirode conducts this course with Gajanan Modak. He is trained in ISO 45001 by TUV and having hands on experience of conducting safety audits / training at various locations globally. With 38+ years of experience in manufacturing activities in a multinational organisation, Gajanan Modak, is a certified MOST applicator.

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