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BEtS provides a multitude of services for your growing business. From financial health check ups and audits, to taking your business towards sustained excellence, we take care of it all.

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BEtS Industrial Wellness Way

BEtS Industrial Wellness Way

The BEtS Industrial Wellness Way is a program that is designed to take your organisation towards excellence. It is an effective and structured step wise process that includes the following steps:


  • To understand owner’s and CEO’s dreams & worries.
  • To know and quantify employee’s morals, engagement and commitment levels.
  • Quantification of Business Processes and System’s Effectiveness.


  • Deep dive in each function.
  • Historical and current data analysis.
  • Mapping of every functions and their co-relations.
  • Competency mapping of individual and teams.
  • Narrowing down areas for improvement and correlative measures.
  • Identifying noises and grievances of individuals, functions creating unrest and dissatisfaction.

Treatment for Improvement

  • Evaluating and redefining vision.
  • Identifying improvement actions and it’s course.
  • Implementation and validation of improvement actions.
  • Actions to create synergy within functions.
  • Resolving noises to create synergetic culture and environment.


  • Full proofing of improvement actions for sustenance.
  • Developing rugged systems to validate further improvement changes.
  • Creating review mechanism and balance scorecard.
BEtS Academy

BEtS Academy

  • Six Sigma Awareness
  • Six sigma Green Belt Training
  • Six sigma Black Belt Training
  • LEAN – BPR Training
  • 5S
  • Measurement and Monitoring of Financial Health of an Organization
  • Leadership Development Programs
  • Attitude transformation
  • Team Building
BEtS Services

BEtS Services

  • Six Sigma projects
  • Productivity improvement
  • Preparation of short term & long term budgets
  • LEAN - BPR projects
  • Manufacturing Excellence
  • 5S & Safety projects
  • Vendor Management Program
  • Waste Elimination
  • Setting up Performance Management System
  • Recruiting People
  • Outbound program for team building & alignment
  • Leadership Development
  • 360° Analysis and Health check of an Organization.

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